12.10.2012 | Announcements - old en


The Art Workshop of KETHEA EXODOS therapeutic program organizes an exhibition at the French Institute of Larissa from 2 to 13 October 2012. The title of the exhibition is Po.P. Art (Politician’s Portret ART).

Inspired by the POP ART movement, members of KETHEA EXODOS drew the portraits of significant political figures who shaped the course of Greek history from the 19th century until today. With a different color tone that goes beyond the stereotypical image the portraits make us rethink of the perceptions and orientations that have dominated in the political and social life of Greece for decades.

The opening of the exhibition will be held on Tuesday, October 2nd,  at 20:00. Maria Efthymiou, associate professor of history at the University of Athens and Mrs. Syrago Tsiaras, Art Historian, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Art will speak at the opening.