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Even the smallest donation can support our work to help those fighting addictions. Choose your way to support them.

How we use your donation

However you choose to support us, whatever the size or type of your donation, your support is important on both practical and symbolic level.

For our part, we want you to feel sure that KETHEA will manage your donation in the best way possible.

  • General information

    • KETHEA never raises funds in the street or door-to-door.
    • If you want to make a donation online, you can do so at or using web banking.
    • KETHEA’s sponsors and donors are publicized in accordance with a specific reward mechanism. See how your donation could be publicized here.
    • KETHEA’s financial data — including information on sponsorships/donations — are published and externally audited on an annual basis.
    • If you want to know more about how we operate and finance our activities, take a look at our annual report.
  • How will my donation help?

    Your support allows us to have a greater and more effective impact on the lives of those in need.

    Our primary goal is for donations to cover specific baisc needs (housing, clothing, food) and to support the development of new services and programmes.

    See all the ways in which you can support us in Take Action.

  • Οur key supporters

    Each year, individuals, corporations, civic groups, institutions, NGOs and charities, support KETHEA in its work.

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  • Our commitment

    All of our activities and all the procedures we follow at KETHEA stand out for their professional ethics, whether it be providing services to those in need or collaborating with institutions, individuals and groups who want to support our work.
    For this reason, we are always keen to receive your comments and suggestions, and we make this pledge to you:

    • we will be clear about who we are and what we do
    • we will provide and systematically publish information about our activities and our finances, so you know how your donations are being used, and you can fully grasp the difference you can make to the lives of those who are struggling with addiction
    • we will always maintain the highest standards in our fundraising efforts
    • we will communicate with you in the manner you prefer, as often as you wish
    • we will protect your privacy and we will never give your personal data to third parties (read about our policy)
    • we will remain constantly at your disposal, should you wish to learn about our work and answer to your questions.