Become a volunteer

About 150 volunteers support KETHEA annually, helping with frontline services, education, research and administration. In recognition of the valuable work they do, KETHEA provides volunteers with ongoing training, support and supervision.

  • Why offer us your free time?

    The significance and benefits of volunteering for KETHEA are different for each volunteer. However, what’s for sure is that you will have the opportunity to:

    • support people who are trying to make a new start in life, away from addictions
    • be inspired and draw strength from their personal struggle
    • meet volunteers who share your passion
    • make good use of your skills and develop new ones
    • become part of a major collaborative effort within an organization whose services to Greek society stand out for their vision, organization and transparency.
  • How can you help?

    If you are over 18, you can volunteer in:

    • front-line services to addicts and their families
    • education and training of those following our therapeutic programmes
    • prevention activities and programmes in school and local communities
    • professional training and research programmes
    • administrative support

      Your post will depend on your educational background, skills and interests, as well as on the evolving needs of KETHEA’s programmes. Some volunteer posts are short-term, others require a longer-term commitment. In all cases, volunteers are informed about KETHEA’s objectives and working methods and should respect our code of ethics.

  • How to become a KETHEA volunteer

    Start off by sending your CV to

    Applications are forwarded to all KETHEA therapeutic programmes. If our volunteer needs are already covered when you apply, it might take some time before we contact you. If there are vacancies, we will get in touch with you immediately in order to arrange an interview in which we can jointly explore the different ways in which you can help us.

    Throughout the period you volunteer with us, we pledge:

    • to provide you with appropriate training as well as everything else you require to do the job you have undertaken properly,
    • to offer you guidance and support in your volunteer role
    • to ensure that your working environment is safe,
    • to listen to any issues and concerns you may have,
    • to appreciate that, in parallel with your position as a volunteer, you have other commitments.
  • I want to volunteer, but I don't have time

    Even if you have very little spare time, there are some easy and quick ways in which you can support KETHEA:

    • follow us on facebook and at twitter
    • respond to our fundraising appeals and campaigns
    • forward our newsletter
    • speak to your friends and family about the job you do at KETHEA

    With your help, our voice will be heard!