Take Action

See what we need the most and make meaningful donations for the people we support. Use your imagination and make a difference, on your own, unique way!

  • Meet our basic needs


    Food, clothing, personal hygiene and sanitation goods, education and work: these are the basic needs of the people who follow KETHEA’s therapeutic programmes. You can help cover them through donations in kind, in money or in services.

    Contact us to find out how.

  • Start your own campaign

    Take initiative and support KETHEA in your own, unique way.
    Think of the things that inspire you and the people around you: throwing a party, taking part in a sporting event, donating part of the revenue from a theatrical or musical event, inviting friends over for a bring-a-dish supper, staging a guided tour of your city…

    Support those struggling for a second chance in life in your own way. Contact us, so we can guide you to stage your own support campaign!


    It is more easy than you think, to support KETHEA and provide professional training to the members of our therapeutic programmes. Choose to print your corporate publications  at our state-of-the-art graphic arts unit, KETHEA SCHEMA + CHROMA.
    KETHEA SCHEMA+CHROMA is equipped with cutting-edge technology and an integrated production process whose every part, including the sourcing and environmental management of our printing paper, has received quality assurance certification. To date, dozens of well-known companies, organizations and institutions have entrusted their printing needs to KETHEA SCHEMA+CHROMA.

    Send a powerful signal of corporate social responsibility by choosing KETHEA SCHEMA+CHROMA! For more information, contact us on +30 2310–797476, info@kethea-print.gr.

  • Support the Family and Friends Associations of our therapeutic programmes

    The Family and Friends’ Associations of  KETHEA are non-profit associations. Financially and operationally autonomous, they are mainly staffed by people whose  close friends and family members have faced addiction-related problems.

    With dozens of members in various cities around Greece and cooperating closely with the KETHEA’s therapeutic programmes, the associations do voluntary work, promote KETHEA, support efforts to find resources, raise awareness, inform and mobilize parents and public opinion.

    Contact them.