EU Programmes

Participating in EU/NSRF programmes as a coordinator or partner allows KETHEA to enhance the treatment and social reintegration it offers, as well as its activities in the field of addiction training and research. The following programmes are currently underway:

Reintegration Through Sport — RTS, Erasmus + Sport

Funded directly by the European Union and coordinated by KETHEA with partners from Greece, Spain and Norway, the RTS programme seeks to highlight the multi-dimensional role sports and outdoor activities can play in addiction prevention, treatment and recovery.

Community Animateur — COMANITY, Erasmus +

The COMANITY programme aims to train young people from vulnerable groups to assume the role of animators in their communities, but also to raise the awareness of professionals involved in providing support to vulnerable or marginalized young people. Coordinated by Arcola Research in England, the programme has nine European partners including KETHEA.

Prevention, Addictions and Therapy-PATH, Erasmus +

The PATH program facilitated a structured dialogue between members of therapeutic programmes and young people under 30 from four European countries with a view to shaping policy proposals on addiction issues. The programme is now complete and the proposals made by the 60 young participants have been presented at an open colloquium in Athens.

Staff training and mobilization, Erasmus +

In 2019, KETHEA staff will attend training programmes in their respective fields in several European countries as part of Erasmus +.