KETHEA Youth Centre

The KETHEA Youth Centre in Exarcheia is open year-round and provides a friendly space where children and young people up to the age of 21 can meet, do things together, and engage and collaborate with the local community.

Its goal is to support the smooth personal and social development of children and young people, to prevent harmful behaviours such as substance abuse and delinquency, and to intervene when such problems are still in their early stages.

The KETHEA Youth Centre provides assesment, counselling, crisis interventions and referrals as well as running workshops and seminars in creativity and psychoeducation. The Youth Centre stages a summer programme of activities for young people aged 10–17 who have not left the city for the summer months.

The activities also include the provision of information and education on adolescence and prevention for parents, teachers, health and social care professionals, and any other interested parties. KETHEA also networks with local organizations and schools to promote prevention and social development.

For more information, please contact: KETHEA Early Intervention & Prevention Network at +30 210 9212961,
+30 2109212391,