For Educational Communities

School can both play a key role in prevention and benefit from it. Our schools programmes are one of our primary methods for preventing addictive behaviours in children and teenagers. Schools interventions are more effective when they target every group in a school (teaching and auxiliary staff, students, parents), when they are adapted to their needs, use experiential methods and do not focus purely on substance use and abuse, including other forms of harmful behaviour and health education in general.

Prevention programmes contribute positively to a school’s educational mission by strengthening the bonds between children, educators and parents, improving the psychological and social atmosphere in class, and increasing children’s satisfaction with their school.

KETHEA has many years of experience in interventions of this sort and has created special health education / addiction prevention materials (approved by the Institute of Educational Policy—IEP) for use in primary and secondary education. It maintains a memorandum of understanding with the Hellenic Ministry of Education in relation to preventing and dealing with bullying and inter-pupil violence in schools. KETHEA is also one of the organizations with official approval for running thematic weeks in schools. We provide long-term and short-term interventions in educational communities at all levels, catering for:

  • Educators, in cooperation with those responsible for Health Education and the Ministry of Education’s Advice Points for Young People.
  • Schoolchildren in primary and secondary education, in cooperation with those responsible for Health Education and with school heads.
  • To all the members of an educational community through comprehensive long-term programmes aimed at schoolchildren, educators and parents alike, and which also often include the local community.
  • Hellenic Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) schools offering apprenticeship training.
  • Trainees and students in tertiary education, where we seek to raise awareness and provide experiential education designed to encourage peer education in the places the students and trainees live and socialize.

For more information, please contact: KETHEA Early Intervention & Prevention Network at +30 210 9212961,
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