For Professionals

KETHEA runs information and educational seminars to boost the knowledge and abilities of healthcare and social care professionals in matters relating to prevention. In addition, it trains and informs other professional groups—like pharmacists, members of the security forces, public transport workers, and members of the clergy—who encounter substance users in the course of their work, equipping them to handle such encounters in the best possible way. Depending on the participants’ needs, we offer:

Short information interventions

Relevant to all professional groups and adaptable to their specific needs. Such interventions provide comprehensive information about addiction, the principles and methodology of prevention, the role different professional groups play in addiction/prevention, and how to refer cases to specialist services.

Educational programmes

For health and social care professionals, these programmes set out to pass on know-how relating to preventative interventions, preparing trainees to design, implement and evaluate similar programmes.

For more information, please contact: KETHEA Early Intervention & Prevention Network at +30 210 9212961,
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