For High-Risk Groups

We make selective preventative interventions in the case of high-risk individuals and groups. Groups that face a higher than average risk of becoming substance users or developing other harmful behaviours include early school leavers, young offenders, children growing up in a dysfunctional environment, and children who do not live with their parental family or live in areas with serious social problems, high levels of substance use etc.

To support such high-risk children and teenagers in the context of selection prevention, KETHEA has established partnerships with juvenile probation organizations, children’s psychiatric services, child protection agencies and institutions etc. As well as making interventions aimed at the children and teenagers themselves, KETHEA also informs and educates professionals who come into contact with high-risk individuals and groups in the course of their work.

For more information, please contact: KETHEA Early Intervention & Prevention Network at +30 210 9212961,
+30 2109212391,