What We Do

The KETHEA treatment programme is based on the psychosocial model of Therapeutic Communities, one of the most effective approaches to tackling addiction. KETHEA has adapted this model to the needs of the full range of Greek drug addicts.

KETHEA believes that effective treatment needs to go beyond drug abuse and offer an overall therapeutic process that addresses every aspect of an individual’s life, i.e. their emotional, mental and physical health, family and social relations, history of offences, education, employment, housing etc.

Members of KETHEA treatment programmes have to participate actively and commit to change. They need to gain an insight into and understanding of why they use drugs, take responsibility for their situation, and gain control over their lives.

With more than 100 units across Greece, KETHEA can provide treatment programmes of varying intensity and duration on a residential, outpatient or day-care basis.

In Greece, seven out of ten drug users live with their families, and close relatives can contribute significantly to the effectiveness of their treatment. Family involvement is thus an integral part of all ΚΕΤΗΕΑ programmes.

All services are provided free of charge and on an entirely non-discriminatory basis.

Every year:

  • 2,000 drug users are supported through our street-work programmes.
  • 5.000 individuals attend our drug, alcohol, gumbling and internet treatment programmes in the local communties
  • 2,000 prisoners and ex-prisoners attend our programmes at different levels of the criminal justice system and the community.
  • 6,000 family members participate in our Family Support Programmes.
  • 20,000 members of school and local communities take part in our prevention and early intervention activities.
  • 1,000 professionals and students receive training from us in the field of drug prevention and addiction.

How effective we are

Outcome effectiveness studies show that five years after the start of their treatment, seven out of ten people who complete a full year in a KETHEA therapeutic community are substance-free, in employment, and have no outlaw activity. The positive results are directly linked to the time spent in treatment and begin to appear after the first 3 months in a therapeutic community. Treatment is the most effective response to the problem of drug abuse and dependence.

It isn’t only the addict and their family that benefit from treatment; society as a whole does, too, since a drug user’s participation in a KETHEA programme costs less than incarceration or nontreatment. According to research, every one (1) Euro spent on a KETHEA rehabilitation programme leads to a saving of between 4.6 and 6.5 Euros, depending on the type of programme (residential or outpatient). This saving result from reductions in the costs associated with lost productivity, health care, hospitalisation, crime, and incarceration.

KETHEA is constantly improving its programmes through internal and external evaluation processes. Our services have been evaluated by the Departments of Law at Athens and Thessaloniki Universities, the Athens and Ioannina Medical Schools, Panteion University, the Greek National School of Public Health and other institutions.