Adults seeking help with their substance abuse can differ in many ways: in how long they have been abusing substances and how much of an impact their addiction has had on their lives, in the substance or substances they have been abusing, in their age, marital and employment status, their relationship with the law etc. KETHEA has created customized programmes to cater for this spectrum of different needs:

Residential programmes

In all these programmes, the main treatment stage takes place in a residential therapeutic community. The programmes are aimed at people who need to leave the place where they live -they may face housing problems, or lack a strong support network.

Outpatient programmes

Outpatient programmes involve external monitoring and, depending on the needs of the individual, can require daily participation in an open therapeutic community or be less intensive and of shorter duration.

Evening programmes

Evening programmes are outpatient and run in the afternoons and evenings to allow people in employment and students to participate without interrupting their education or professional activities.

Programmes for special groups

Specialized programmes adapted to the particular needs of the individual groups are run for homeless substance abusers, users who are in prison or on parole, immigrants/refugees, and parents with addictions.

All programmes offer support and therapy to relatives and significant others.