Homeless Substance Users

For addicts who do not have access to health services and other sources of help, who are experiencing extreme social exclusion or are in a critical state, KETHEA has set up low threshold programmes in Athens to reduce the harm linked to substance use (KETHEA EXELIXIS).

Support is provided in two ways: Firstly, through substance-free hangouts where addicts can spend their days with direct access to care and away from the dangers and the pressures of the street. And secondly, though special programmes where addicts are approached on the street by mobile and pedestrian units.

The goal is to win the trust of the users, to deal with their immediate needs, and to limit the negative impact their drug use has both on themselves and on society. To achieve these goals, we provide:

  • Primary health care and referrals for tertiary care
  • Psychological support
  • Actions to promote health through safer drug use and preventing the spread of diseases
  • A needle exchange and condom distribution
  • Food, clothing, assistance with personal hygiene
  • Information and counselling on legal and social welfare matters
  • In critical cases, immediate induction into a therapeutic community
  • Networking with therapeutic programmes and referrals to other services that may be required