I Am Worried About Someone

All KETHEA treatment programmes provide free and instant access to information and assistance for the families of people with a substance abuse problem and to others who are close to them.

It is often the case that the family and/or significant others are ready to seek help before the user him/herself. Which is why KETHEA does not require the user to be in a treatment programme, or to have requested to join one, before allowing family members to join its family support programmes? Having significant others involved in the programme can help shed light on the problem as well as helping to deal with everyday difficulties; it can also help significant others to motivate the user to begin treatment.

Once the individual with the problematic substance use commits themselves to treatment at KETHEA, family or significant others can participate in the corresponding Family Support Programme for the duration of their treatment. The family’s involvement increases the effectiveness of the treatment in both adolescents and adults. It enhances their time on the treatment programme, helps them abstain from substance use, and is a factor in preventing relapses.

Prevention is also an important element in KETHEA’s family support programmes, as children whose parents or siblings are substance users are more likely to become users themselves.