KETHEA has created support programmes for adolescents and young adults who are addicted to Internet and video games. The programmes seek to restrict the time spent in front of the computer screen and playing video games and to enable young people to deal effectively with the challenges and problems of adolescence.

The programmes encourage education, socializing with friends and engaging in other activities. The young person’s ability to communicate with their significant others is also enhanced, along with their self-effectiveness, while possible psychological problems which can be associated with addiction or overuse are also looked into.

The approach is personalized. The content, frequency and duration of the intervention depend on the needs of the individual, who is also supported by those closest to them.

The programmes offer:

  • Individual and group counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Self-help groups
  • Personal, emotional and social skills development
  • Vocational guidance and counselling
  • Psycho-social activities
  • Family meetings

Services are provided confidentially and free or charge; anonymity will be respected.

Support for parents of children addicted to the internet

KETHEA also provides support for the addict’s family, which can then help stop the development of addictive behaviours. The programmes reinforce the parents’ role and skills including active listening, negotiation skills, maintaining discipline and parental control. They also seek to restore family boundaries and roles and to feed into trusting relationships. Services are provided confidentially and free or charge; anonymity will be respected.

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