07.09.2022 | Latest News

KETHEA participates in a new european program against poverty and social exclusion

KETHEA participates in the “Responsible Smart Citizenship against Poverty & Social Exclusion” program. The specific project arises from the need to develop innovative and participatory strategies to combat poverty and social exclusion in the EU, based on the civic and social commitment of an active, intelligent, and responsible citizenship.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Design, develop and keep updated a Digital Toolbox that covers the learning needs aimed at promoting social inclusion and favouring the exercise of active citizenship.
  2. Design, build and boost a Virtual Environment for Inclusive and Collaborative Learning for the proper functioning, transferability and sustainability of the “RSC Strategy against P&SE”.
  3. Design and validate an Education and Social Participation Program aimed both at improving the technical qualification and acquisition of key skills of workers and volunteers of entities involved in the fight against P&SE, as well as favouring the creation of Collaborative Learning Communities
  4. Systematize the entire “CSR against P&SE” process in a Policy Advocacy Toolkit (White Paper), Transfer and Sustainability for its transfer and implementation in the EU, in addition to a networking and sustainability strategy.


The RSC is an Erasmus+ project cofinanced by the European Commission with a duration of 30 months, that takes place in four European countries: Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Greece, origin of the different partners: Documenta (coordinator of the project), Consorzio ABN, Center for Social Innovation –CSI-and Kethea, respectively.


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