We invite you on Wednesday, October 9th 2019, at 12:00 noon, outside of the Ministry of Health premises, to support KETHEA. We, the therapeutic communities’ members, our families, staff and other friends of KETHEA join our voices in a loud outcry:


We all send together a strong message to the Minister of Health, the Government and the Prime Minister, demanding:

  • the immediate withdrawal of the unreasonable, authoritarian Act of legislative content, which brings KETHEA self-management to a sudden end
  • the undervaluing of KETHEA’s therapeutic philosophy, which is based on democratic and collective processes
  • the strengthening of the free programs for drug treatment and rehabilitation and social inclusion
  • the launch of a meaningful dialogue on developing a national strategy respecting the rights of vulnerable groups

KETHEA’s outcry of protest will take place at the same day and time across all major cities, where KETHEA programs exist. Other drug treatment organizations and social care institutions will join us in this protest.