01.04.2020 | Latest News

Coronavirus: Letter from the President of the EFTC

31st March 2020

Dear Friends,

To all the members of our TC family in Europe

We live in extraordinarily challenging times! It is true that with the spread of the coronavirus we are faced with a new challenge: situations like this can bring out the worst or the best of us humans. We would like to encourage you to be diligent and strong, never giving up the good effort!

Since it looks like we are in for a long haul, we will need extra amount of courage, resilience, perseverance and patience. And, of course, love, mostly love, for ourselves and the others around us.

We are a family that sticks together, especially in times of hardship. And although we cannot be close to each other physically – (something rather difficult: we are a tribe of huggers, after all!) – we can be there for each other in spirit. Now is no time to lose our sense of community. On the contrary, we should be more aware of our belonging together.

All of us, programme members, families and staff, should take good care of ourselves and of others, especially the most vulnerable in our midst. Today, our thoughts are more than ever with our sisters and brothers in Italy and Spain.

We approach this calamity not with fear but responsibly, with all the seriousness that it deserves.

We are TC people and we shall overcome!

On behalf of all of us in the EFTC board (Dirk, Karen, Oriol, Pauline and Rowdy)


pp. Phaedon Kaloterakis