Institutional Framework

KETHEA is a legal entity of private law that operates under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Health. The institutions of KETHEA are its General Assembly, the KETHEA Political Council (SPOK), its seven-member Board and the Director of KETHEA (Presidential Decree 148/2007, Law 4339/2013, as amended by Law 4638/2019).

The KETHEA General Assembly is the central decision-making body for the annual strategic planning of the Organization in the fields of treatment, education and other issues related to KETHEA’s mission.

The recipients of KETHEA services (members of therapeutic programmes at the social reintegration stage) are entitled to attend and vote at the General Assembly, along with its employees and volunteers (members of the Boards of therapeutic programme Family Associations, the members of previous KETHEA Boards).

The General Assembly is convened annually by invitation of the Board of KETHEA

The KETHEA Policy Council (SPOK), chaired by the KETHEA Director, is made up of the heads of KETHEA’s operating units. SPOK makes decisions on key policy issues of the Organization.

The Board of KETHEA has all the responsibilities of managing and representing KETHEA, except those that fall under the sole responsibility of KETHEA’s General Assembly. Its term of office is three years and board members are unpaid. The current KETHEA Board of Directors was appointed by the Minister of Health in November 2019 with the following composition:

Christos Liapis, psychiatrist

Vice president
Fotini Leobilla, MA Sociologist, President of Athena-Health Health Prevention Center

Fotini Tzavella, Assistant Professor of Sociology of Health, University of Peloponnese
alternate member: Aspasia Panagiotou, Assistant Professor of Nursing Mental Health, University of Peloponnese

Pantelis Lazaridis, psychiatrist
alternate member: Aristide Koutroubas, Ph.D., MBA Health Services Administration

George Theodorakos, economist
alternate member: Angeliki Deliosis, Ph.D. Nurse, MScN, MScHSM

George Kleftodimos, lawyer
alternate member: Ιοannis Liakouras, officer of the Ministry of Health

Konstantinos Giannelakis, lawyer,
alternate member: Eirini Papakosta, lawyer