KETHEA STROFI has been operational since 1988 and provides services to adolescent drug users aged 13–21 and their families. It is based in Athens, but hosts adolescents who are from other parts of the country or do not have family support throughout their participation in the programme. With the support of the programme’s Family Association, it runs a hostel which provides accommodation for the families of teenagers from the provinces from the programme’s initial phase through to completion, if necessary.

The involvement of the teenagers’ parents and siblings in the therapeutic process through KETHEA STROFI’s Family Support Centre is an integral part of the treatment. KETHEA STROFI also organizes groups who provide information and support to parents of children whose drug use is problematic, but who are members of its therapeutic programme.

The STROFI Therapeutic Community offers intensive residential care to adolescents struggling with substance abuse or addiction, most of whom have quit school and some of whom may be exhibiting delinquency. The rehabilitation efforts culminate with the young people’s smooth reintegration into society through their participation in the Social Mobilization Centre.

Through the Counselling Centre it maintains in Athens’ Juvenile Courts, KETHEA STROFI can also support adolescents and young adults with substance-related problems who are brought before the court for criminal offences or traffic violations. KETHEA STROFI has also set up a counselling programme at the Special Detention Facility for Young People in Avlonas. The programme makes it possible for prisoners to be released in order to join the STROFI Therapeutic Community, given that the conditions stipulated by law are met.

KETHEA STROFI also runs a mobile information unit that makes short-term interventions at the invitation of local stakeholders. The STROFI recording studio and Internet radio station provide the members of ​​KETHEA STROFI with systematic training in radio-related skills, as well as a medium for open dialogue and raising young people and society’s awareness of addiction issues.

Make an appointment: t. +30 210 8820277 (community-based treatment programme), t. +30 210 6437740 (Counselling Centre in Athens Juvenile Courts)

For more information: Florinis 15, 11251 Agios Panteleimon, Athens, t. +30 210 8822122,