The KETHEA SCHEMA + CHROMA graphic arts unit is KETHEA’s largest production unit. Its main objectives are:

• To earn an income to allow KETHEA increase self-financing.
• To provide training and qualifications for former addicts who are at the social reintegration stage.

The unit operates in the free market, offering graphic design, printing & binding services for various types of publication at competitive prices, with all work conducted in line with professional criteria and standards.

KETHEA SCHEMA + CHROMA is vertically integrated and certified for the quality assurance of all its operations, having received its ISO 9001: 2008 from TUV HELLAS. The certification extends to the provenance and proper environmental management of the printing paper it uses (FSC® C122758 Chain of Custody).

It employs 23 workers, many of whom are graduates of KETHEA therapeutic programmes who specialize in work that requires both accuracy and responsibility.

Members of KETHEA programmes can apprentice themselves at KETHEA SCHEMA+CHROMA for up to 8 months during their social reintegration stage, during which time they are insured and paid. Their apprenticeship allows them to benefit from vocational training in a supportive environment, but under actual working conditions. To date, KETHEA SCHEMA+CHROMA has provided education and training in the graphic arts to over 150 people.

KETHEA SCHEMA+CHROMA clients include advertising agencies, creative agencies, publishers, public bodies, commercial and industrial companies, all of whom are contributing to the rehabilitation project by choosing to entrust their publishing needs to our Unit.

Contact details: Sindos, 574 00 Thessaloniki, t. 2310 797476-7,