KETHEA PROMITHEAS provides counselling, rehabilitation and reintegration services to prisoners and ex-prisoners who are addicts in Northern Greece. With the aim of informing and mobilizing imprisoned addicts to join treatment structures both inside and outside prison, it runs counselling programmes in detention facilities located in Thessaloniki, Grevena, Kassandra and Nigrita, as well as at the Headquarters of the Thessaloniki Police.

The counselling programmes include individual and group counselling, mobilization and awareness-raising groups intended to encourage their members to begin rehabilitation treatment, personal growth groups, psychosocial support structures, social skills training, legal advice, recreational activities, and seminars for the promotion of health and family support. Having completed these programmes, the participants are referred to the KETHEA PROMITHEAS Therapeutic Community in Diavata prison or, if they meet the conditions stipulated by law for release, join the rehabilitation programme at the KETHEA Promitheas Reception and Rehabilitation Centre in Thessaloniki.

The KETHEA PROMITHEΑS Therapeutic Community in Diavata prison is the first rehabilitation unit in a Greek prison to be housed in its own independent wing and to operate on a 24-hour basis. The Community provides an intensive rehabilitation programme which seeks to address the root causes that lead to use, encouraging participants to drop negative behaviours and acquire new skills and strategies for dealing with personal difficulties and problems. The Centre also provides education, training, and referrals to rehabilitation programmes.

The KETHEA PROMITHEΑS Reception and Reintegration Centre is aimed at addicts who have been released from Greek prisons. It is a day-care therapeutic programme which aims to bring about full recovery and the smooth reintegration of participants into society. Mobilization, treatment and rehabilitation groups operate in the context of the programme. The Centre also provides support along with information on legal and labour-related issues, as well as an opportunity to graduate from the KETHEA ITHAKI Alternative School.

The Family Support Centre provides counselling to families and relatives (friends, companions) of programme members with a view to redefining and restoring their relationship with their addicted significant others.

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