KETHEA Pilotos, which is based in Volos, is aimed at adolescent and adult drug users and their families. Its Versatile Counselling Centre provides information services, counselling and support as well as preparing participants to join structures in the main phase of the KETHEA treatment in Volos and Larisa. As of 2018, KETHEA PILOTOS has also provided counselling in Almyros in the context of its collaboration with the local municipality.

Its Therapy and Social Reintegration Unit provides specialized support services, treatment and reintegration for drug users on an outpatient basis. Treatments take into account the individual’s degree of involvement with substances, age, educational or professional obligations, and the presence or absence of a supportive family environment. The aim is for each participant to join the treatment environment that is best suited to their needs. When it comes to integration into society and the labour market, KETHEA PILOTOS emphasizes systematic skills development for its members and their participation, through its Work Club, in education and training programmes, career guidance, etc.

The therapeutic programme also aims at users’ families (parents, partners, siblings), providing information services, counselling, support and treatment.

The prevention of substance abuse in children and young people and the making of early interventions is an important aspect of the work undertaken by KETHEA PILOTOS. The programme stages both systematic interventions in local educational units and seminars for educators, as well as cooperating with bodies active in the sphere of child protection.

It also intervenes in the criminal justice system through its programme offering counselling to inmates in Kassaveteias Prison, the Correctional Institute for Minors, and the Juvenile Probation Services in Volos and Larisa.

KETHEA PILOTOS’ CulturalMeta-morphosis” Hangout hosts creative, cultural and social activities. It operates a lending library Monday to Friday, and provides participants with the opportunity to take part in creative groups and to organize events.

In collaboration with local bodies, KETHEA PILOTOS organizes actions which seek to raise the local community’s awareness and knowledge of addiction issues. At the same time, it encourages both the development of a network of volunteers to meet the needs of its members, and citizens’ involvement in tackling the drugs problem.

Make an appointment:
Volos: t. +30 24210 77055 (adults), t. +30 24210 36412 (adolescents)
Almyros: t. +30 24220 26366
For more information: G. Kartali 48, 383 33 Volos, t. +30 24210 23430, e-mail: