KETHEA PAREMVASI was created in 1989 for drug users over 21 years of age and their families. It runs Counselling Centres in downtown Athens, Rafina and Ilion, where addicts can make their first contact with the treatment programme.

KETHEA PAREMVASI runs a residential therapeutic community — the Alternative PAREMVASI Community — in Rafina. The programme’s Social Rehabilitation Centre and Family Support Centre are located in Athens.

The members of KETHEA PAREMVASI are mobilized by the problems and changes facing society to conduct interventions in collaboration with other organizations, citizens, etc. Through the social, environmental and other actions they design and implement, the members of the programme contribute to and interact with society, acquire new values ​​and meaning in their lives, develop their skills, and reintegrate into society.

Education and career guidance are a central part of their treatment. KETHEA PAREMVASI works with educational institutions in both the private and public sector which can offer its members scholarships and places on courses in subject areas of their choice. A workshop equipped with all the tools required for making musical instruments provides the members of the Alternative PAREMVASI Community with education and vocational training. The Community’s premises include a 5×5 football pitch where members train, play against local teams, and take part in tournaments.

The Counselling Centre in Ilion provides services to people with problematic drug and alcohol use as well as to their families.

KETHEA PAREMVASI also runs a special short-term programme aimed at both graduates of therapeutic programmes and members who dropped out during the social reintegration stage and now find themselves at a critical juncture in their lives. The aim of the programme, which includes individual and group meetings, is to help the participants cope with their difficulties and to reduce the risk of their relapsing.

KETHEA PAREMVASI also provides school communities in eastern Attica with awareness-raising and preventive actions through its Counselling Centre in Rafina.

Make an appointment:
Athens (Exarcheia): t. +30 210 3300751
Ilion: t. +30 210 2630454
Rafina: t. + 22940 79900
For more information: Valtetsiou 37, 106 81 Athens, t. + 30 210 3300748.,