The KETHEA KYTTARO-OXYGONO treatment programme supports drug users and their families by means of a network of services provided in different cities around the Peloponnese.

The counselling Centres in Kalamata, Nafplio, Patras and Pyrgos serve as first points of contact with the programme. They provide information, counselling and psychological support as well as preparing those who want to join the KYTTARO Therapeutic Community.

The KYTTARO residential Therapeutic Community, where the main phase of the treatment takes place, is located outside the city of Kalamata. The services it provides rely on the active participation of its members. In an emotionally safe environment, the participants help each other face up to the causes of their addiction and learn new ways to deal with the difficulties they face. They also fill in gaps in their education, participate in artistic, athletic and environmental activities, cultivate personal interests, interact with the local community, and prepare for their reintegration into society.

Their treatment is brought to a close with their participation in the Social Reintegration Centre in Kalamata, an outpatient unit which includes a hostel where members can stay until they find work. During this stage, the focus is on their unhindered and undisadvantaged reintegration into society. Particular emphasis is given to professional training and rehabilitation, as well as to the prevention of relapses.

KETHEA KYTTARO-OXYGONO also provides support through a non-intensive outpatient treatment programme in all three cities in which it has a presence. Here, the treatment is tailored to the needs and daily obligations of participants, who retain a significant degree of functionality.

Anyone worried about the drug use of someone close to them can contact the Family Support Centre in Kalamata or the counselling Centres in Ρyrgos, Patras and Nafplio. All three centres offer educational seminars for parents, relatives and friends, as well as individual and group counselling and support sessions. The Centres provide their services to drug users’ relatives and significant others, regardless of whether the user is enrolled in a therapeutic community.

The Patras Centre also provides support to adolescent substance users and their families. If there is a need for a more intensive and longer-term intervention, adolescents can be prepared for and referred to KETHEA STROFI, a specialized residential programme for adolescent and families in Athens.

KETHEA KYTTARO-OXYGONO also delivers counselling programmes to inmates in Agios Stefanos prison in Patras and in Naflpio prison.

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