Established in 1983, ITHAKI was the first therapeutic community for drug users in Greece. It paved the way for the treatment of addicts and their social reintegration. Today, KETHEA ITHAKI offers an extensive network of services accessible in Thessaloniki, Giannitsa and Kilkis and including both residential and outpatient treatment units. The KETHEA ANADYSI programme for adolescents and the 1145 addictions hotline both operate under the KETHEA ITHAKI umbrella.

The residential programme is based around the KETHEA ITHAKI Therapeutic Community in Sindos, Thessaloniki, to which individuals are referred after preparation at the Counselling Centre in Thessaloniki. The Therapeutic Community provides intensive daily treatment which employs the principles of self-help and self-management, various therapeutic tools for achieving full recovery, and a multifaceted approach to the problems associated with addiction and to helping participants build themselves a new lifestyle.

The treatment is brought to a close with their participation in the Social Reintegration Centre in Thessaloniki. The Family Support Centre in Thessaloniki provides support to the relatives and significant others of both programme members and addicts who have not yet committed to treatment.

KETHEA ITHAKI’s outpatient programme is aimed at people who wish to tackle their addiction without disrupting their professional, family and social environment. The programme includes individual/group counselling and treatment, personal growth groups, legal support, relapse prevention groups, training in social skills, special interest seminars, career counselling, an opportunity to graduate from secondary education, and educational and recreational activities.

The Special Programme for Addicted Parents provides outpatient treatment for addicts with pre-school and school-age children, simultaneously solving the issue of child minding and childcare. The basic aims of the programme include strengthening the parent-child relationship and supporting programme members in their parental role.

An Alternative School is in operation at KETHEA ITHAKI which allows members of KETHEA and other recognized therapeutic organizations to complete their secondary education. The school also offers courses in English and IT, and participants can participate in theatre groups and explore photography, the visual arts, music, football, basketball and judo.

Professional training is provided by KETHEA ITHAKI’s four production units, which are based in Sindos: a farm, with over 100 cultivated acres, a pottery workshop, a carpentry workshop, and the KETHEA SHAPE & COLOUR graphic arts unit. The units give members the opportunity to acquire vocational skills and work experience as apprentices during their time in the residential therapeutic community. The units cover KETHEA’s own needs in the areas in question, and part of the production is sold.

KETHEA ITHAKI products are sold in the KETHEART shop in the Ladadika area of Thessaloniki.

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