KETHEA EXODOS has been operating in Larisa since 1989, providing services to people who abuse legal and illegal substances (alcohol and drugs) and who are pathologically involved with gambling. The Counselling Centres in Larisa and Trikala serve as first points of contact with the programme. Depending on their needs and the nature and intensity of the problems they face, individuals can join either the EXODOS Therapeutic Community or the Outpatient Treatment Unit.

The EXODOS Therapeutic Community, which is located just outside the city of Larisa, provides intensive residential treatment and multifaceted support which addresses the many problems linked to addiction. The Community seeks to help participants transition to a new and substance-free way of living.

Larisa’s Outpatient Support Structure provides services to both casual users and people who abuse substances but can generally maintain a functional lifestyle. Both groups need a less intensive form of support which fits in with their daily obligations.

Larisa is also home to a Social Reintegration Centre, which welcomes those who complete their Therapeutic Community and helps them re-enter society and the labour market, and to the programme’s Family Support Centre.

KETHEA EXODOS has created an outpatient monitoring programme in Larisa for the so-called ‘legal addictions’ to alcohol and gambling. The programme is aimed at both the addicts themselves and their significant others.

KETHEA EXODOS is also active within the criminal justice system, running counselling programmes for inmates who are drug users in Larisa and Trikala prisons.

To meet the increasing educational needs of its members, KETHEA EXODOS set up its Alternative School for Adults in 2000. The school addresses the needs of the members of all KETHEA’s therapeutic programmes in Central Greece. It is housed in its own renovated building on the Therapeutic Community premises. It enables students to re-enter the educational process and to upgrade their level of education.

KETHEA EXODOS is especially active in awareness raising, prevention, and early interventions, and runs both actions in school communities and training seminars for professionals. It also organizes or participates in a number of cultural and social events and initiatives in the region.

Make an appointment:
Larisa: t. +30 2410 254597 (residential), t.+30 2410 253134 (non residential), t.+30 2410 555050 (for alcohol and gumbling problems)
Trikala: t. +30 24310 29921

For more information: 2nd Kilometre of the Larisa-Kozanis highway, 415 00 Λarisa, t. +30 2410 251839,