KETHEA EPIRUS was created in 2007 at the request of public bodies in the city of Ioannina. It currently provides a comprehensive network of therapeutic services for the treatment of dependence on drugs, alcohol, gambling and the Internet.

The network is accessible in Ioannina, Igoumenitsa, Arta and Corfu, where Counselling Centres operate as points of first contact with the programme. The Centres assess the severity of the individual’s problems and needs and are able to offer counselling, information about treatment options, educational and recreational activities, and physical health care.

Depending on their needs, and given that they have been prepared at the Counselling Centres and that they want to, participants can join the Outpatient Therapeutic Community which operates in Ioannina and is equipped with a Hostel for members from other regions. If they are in work or education, they can join the Evening Programme.

The Social Reintegration Centre supports the smooth transition into society of those who complete the main phases of their treatment. It provides optional accommodation, counselling, education and training, career guidance and help finding a job through the Programme’s network of partner schools and employers, the resolution of pending legal matters, support for improved relations within the family, and relapse prevention.

Members of all KETHEA EPIRUS units who left school early can complete their education by attending the Transitional School which the therapeutic program has set up with the help of volunteer teachers. Reconnecting with the educational process is an integral part of the treatment.

Adolescent substance abusers and their families who approach KETHEA EPIRUS receive information and psychological support and are prepared to join the Adolescent Therapeutic Community should they wish to. The Community is located in Athens and can also provide hosting for adolescents from other cities.

The Family Support Centre supports users’ families, regardless of whether the users themselves want to embark on treatment or have already done so. Family members are given information, emotional support and care. They are also educated in how to increase a drug user’s motivation to seek treatment and how to support them during their treatment.

KETHEA EPIRUS also provides services to people who have problems with alcohol, gambling and the Internet, through flexible outpatient programmes which include both individual and group support.

KETHEA EPIRUS is also active within the criminal justice system, operating a counselling programme for inmates in Stavraki Prison in the prefecture of Ioannina.

KETHEA EPIRUS also engages with school communities, providing information and actions aimed at addiction prevention.

For appointments:
Ioannina: t. +30 26510 64077
Arta: t. +30 26810 22881
Igoumenitsa: t. +30 26650 92022
Corfu: t. +30 26650 92022

For more information: Korai 11, 454 44 Ioannina, t. +30 26510 77010,