KETHEA EN DRASI, which is based in Athens, is a comprehensive programme consisting of counselling, treatment and social reintegration for former inmates who are drug users.

It runs Counselling programmes in the Korydallos Remand Prisons (male), the Korydallos II Detention Centre (female), the Korydallos Prison Hospital, and the Eleonas Women’s Prison in Thiva.

As the prisoners’ first contact with KETHEA EN DRASI, the counselling programmes seek provide information on addiction and its treatment, to reduce the harmful effects stemming from substance abuse, and to prepare them to join a Therapeutic Community either within the prison or in society, if the conditions set by law for conditional release are met.

KETHEA EN DRASI runs therapeutic communities within the prison system in the Korydallos Remand Prisons, the Korydallos II Detention Centre, and the Eleonas Women’s Prison in Thiva. They are housed in areas which the prisons have set aside for them and welcome prisoners who have completed a counselling programme. Their goal is to help the participants towards full recovery and to prepare them for social reintegration. Their daily schedule includes treatment, education and training.

In Athens, KETHEA EN DRASEI runs a Welcome Centre for Released Prisoners and a Rehabilitation Centre. Prisoners who have participated in a treatment programme while in prison are referred to the Reception Centre after their release. They join the treatment phase which is best suited to their individual needs: preparation and mobilization for treatment, the main treatment phase (Therapeutic Community), or social reintegration.

All ex-prisoners who are drug users can apply to the Welcome Centre; they do not need to have participated in a treatment programme while serving their sentence. Addicted mothers and their children can also be given treatment and accommodation at the Welcome Centre. Emphasis is given to the mothers’ full recovery and to supporting them in their parental role. Support is provided to the addicts’ families or significant others.

All KETHEA EN DRASI services in Athens are provided on a daily outpatient basis. The homeless and users from outside Attica can be provided accommodation in the programme’s hostel. Special emphasis is given to keeping the participants in touch with the wider community through professional, educational and social activities.

KETHEA EN DRASEI is also active in Livadia, where it runs a Counselling Centre for adolescent and adult drug users and their families.

The Centre provides mild intervention treatment programmes on its own premises. Depending on individual needs, the Centre may also refer participants to the KETHEA EN DRASI Therapeutic Community in Athens or to another KETHEA therapeutic body, and prepare them for the move. It also provides a support programme for people with problematic alcohol use and their friends and relatives.

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For more information: Drosopoulou 41-43 & Tinou, 112 57 Athens, t. +30 210 3847700,