The KETHEA ARIADNI service network covers the Southern Aegean and Crete. It provides counselling and treatment for various forms of addictions to a range of target groups: adults, adolescents, workers, students, prison inmates and ex-prisoners.

KETHEA ARIADNI has Counselling Centres in Heraklion, Chania, Agios Nikolaos on Crete, Rhodes and Kalymnos.

The Centres provides information and counselling as well as preparing individuals to join either the Therapeutic Community in Heraklion or alternative outpatient structures that can provide more flexible treatment locally for people who remain largely functional, depending on their needs and type of addiction (illegal drugs, alcohol, gambling).

Heraklion also has a Family Support Centre which provides services to users’ family members and significant others, irrespective of whether the users have approached KETHEA ARIADNI themselves.

In all the cities in which it is present, KETHEA ARIADNI also provides treatment for alcohol, gambling and Internet addiction, offering its services to both the users themselves and to those around them.

KETHEA ARIADNI has also set up a specialized Adolescent Counselling Unit in Heraklion to support adolescents who abuse legal and/or illegal drugs or who are addicted to the Internet. KETHEA ARIADNI now provides support to adolescents in all the cities in which it has units.

KETHEA ARIADNI offers everyone who participates in its units the opportunity to involve themselves systemically in activities focused on vocational training, personal development, artistic expression, and sport. The programme’s Alternative School makes it possible for participants to obtain qualifications, such as school leaving certificates, and also organizes courses and certification in English and IT.

KETHEA ARIADNI also carries out interventions in the prison system, with counselling programmes for inmates delivered at the KRITI I Detention Centre in Chania, the Neapoli Remand Prison, the Closed Prison in Nea Alikarnassos, and the Rural Prisons in Agia in the prefecture of Chania. Inmates who are addicts are provided with information about addiction and its treatment. If their situation meets the conditions laid down by law for conditional release, they are also mobilized and prepared to join the ARIADNI Therapeutic Community.

KETHEA ARIADNI also works with educational communities, seeking to raise the awareness of students, teachers, parents and the wider community about addiction-related issues, and to prevent future addiction.

Make an appointment:
Heraklion: t. +30 2810 261026 (for adults), t. +30 2810 331034 (for adolescents), t. +30 2810 319505 (for alcohol and gumpling problems)
Agios Nikolaos: t. +30 28410 22981
Chania: t. +30 28210 87040
Rhodes: t. +30 22410 20343
Κalymnos: t. +30 22430 24167

For more information: Dionysou 1 & Seferi, 716 01 Nea Alikarnassos, Heraklion, Crete,  t. +30 2810 331002,