KETHEA ALFA is based in Athens and aimed at people with problematic alcohol use or a pathological involvement with gambling. It provides individualized treatment on an outpatient basis, allowing participants to tackle their abuse or addiction, along with the attendant problems, without having to move away from the family and professional environment.

At the same time, KETHEA ALFA provides family support, primarily by arranging couples therapy. Families with a member who is addicted to alcohol or gambling but has not yet taken the decision to make use of our therapy services can still receive help from KETHEA ALFA.

The main objectives of KETHEA ALPHA include:

  • Helping addicts to limit their alcohol use or gambling, or to quit completely
  • Treating mental and physical health problems
  • Helping addicts steer clear of violent or delinquent behaviours
  • Restoring relationships within the family
  • Helping addicts manage their leisure time creatively
  • Preventing relapses
  • Raising Greek society’s awareness of ‘legal’ addictions

For appointments  & more information, please contact the secretariat of the programme on (+30) 2109215776.