The 1114 Psychological Support and Advice Hotline is run as part of the KETHEA ALFA programme. It aims to raise awareness and assistance on issues arising from problematic gambling, both to the gamblers themselves and to their friends and families.

The hotline was set up in 2011 in collaboration with OPAP SA, when it became clear there was a need for a helpline for people who may be addicted to gambling.

The establishment of the 1114 hotline and the provision of ongoing support forms part of the Responsible Gambling strategy which underpins and governs everything that OPAP SA does as a company. OPAP SA has undertaken to design and implement a series of actions in the context of this same strategy which seek to protect and inform the community by raising awareness of the issue of problematic gambling.

The 1114 hotline aims to provide:

  • support, delivered by counsellors specially trained to listen carefully and identify behaviours that consolidate or feed into problematic gambling,
  • information on the impact of problematic gambling on both the gamblers themselves and the people around them,
  • advice on how best to manage problematic gambling and its consequences,
  • referrals to public gambling addiction treatment programmes as well as information on other ways in which the problem can be tackled in a structured way.

The 1114 helpline operates Monday to Friday, 9 am to 9 pm. Calls are free of charge*. The service is anonymous and confidential.
Information and support services can also be accessed via e-mail (distance counselling) at .

*Calling from an OTE landline.