What does the therapy of gambling involve?

It takes considerable reserves of self-discipline and motivation for a compulsive gambler to successfully deal with their addiction. There are various ways of supporting people addicted to gambling, all of which require that the addict admits that they have a problem. The next step is to seek help from approved specialized services which provide therapy along with support for the members of the gambler’s close circle of family and friends.
At KETHEA ALPHA, the gambling addiction programme produces tailor-made therapy programmes designed for the particular needs of the individual gambler. The programmes aim to prevent the addict becoming cut off from his environment as a result of his addiction.
The psychological therapy provided includes:

  • Personal counselling / support
  • Recording, examining and understanding how the individual came to be addicted to gambling
  • Producing a strategy and methods to reduce their involvement with gambling
  • Producing motives for stopping
  • Providing training in how to deal with high-risk situations
  • Provide training in problem-solving and handling interpersonal relationships
  • Gamblers anonymous groups
  • Family and couples therapy

The programme is administered by a team consisting of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and family therapists.

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