What behaviours might warn of possible Internet addiction?

The early symptoms of problematic Internet use include someone spending too much time online, becoming obsessive about online activities, neglecting their obligations and other interests, performing markedly less well at school or work, spending a lot of time alone or reducing the time dedicated to doing things with friends, acting aggressively, behaving differently, being indifferent to things which once brought satisfaction, and suffering from headaches, itchy eyes etc.

When problematic Internet usage evolves into full-blown addiction, teenagers tend to behave violently towards their parents and friends, to remain without sleep, water or food for long periods of time, to spend entire days away from home (e.g. in Internet cafes), to quit school, to isolate themselves and become melancholic, to neglect themselves and their appearance, to be unable to limit their Internet use, despite being aware of the problems it is causing them, or to fail to realize what is happening to them and thus be in a position to seek or accept help.

(source: www.youth-health.gr)


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