How is Internet addiction treated?

The first and most important step in dealing with addictive Internet behaviour is to seek expert support from specialists. The theatment programmes seek to restrict the time spent in front of the computer screen and playing video games, and to enable young people to deal effectively with teenage problems. Support provided in parallel to the family environment aims to equip the family with the skills required to deter such behaviours. The programme seeks to bolster those elements which can help the addict deal with their problem with their family’s support.
Education is encouraged, as are spending time with friends and other hobbies which do not involve computer use. The teenager’s ability to communicate with their significant others is also enhanced, along with their self-effectiveness, while possible psychological problems which can be associated with addiction or overuse are also looked into. The programmes also work with parents to, among other things, help bolster their role and their parenting skills (consistent disciplinary tactics, parental control, actively listening to their children, negotiating skills), while efforts are also made to re-establish limits and the family’s internal hierarchy, and to build a trusting relationship between parents and children.

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