How can I help a compulsive gambler?

In most cases, a compulsive gambler’s friends and family become aware that there is a problem before the gambler does. When this happens, you should seek help from specialized services who can advise you on how best to deal with a compulsive gambler.

A first step would be to stop helping the addict solve financial difficulties stemming from their gambling; you need to lay down firm rules and limits in relation to money. Discuss with them the impact their gambling is having on the family, their friends and their life. Be understanding and declare yourself willing to support them in their efforts to rehabilitate themselves.

The participation of close friends and relatives is considered to be of crucial importance to the rehabilitation process. Thus, as well as individual and group addiction counselling, the therapy programme includes fully confidential family and couples therapy focused on relationships within the family. In any case, everyone close to the addict should know that treating compulsive gambling is a long and involved process.

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