Raising Awareness

The development of an open and creative relationship with the society is a prominent aspect of treatment in KETHEA programmes. KETHEA organises social volunteering, cultural, environmental and sporting events, as well as information activities throughout the year, in which the members of its treatment programmes play a leading role. These events and activities aim at:

  • Raising awareness and promoting prevention messages as well as a healthy life style
  • Combating stigma associated with drug use and addiction
  • Advocating the right of addicted people to quality recovery-oriented treatment
  • Winning the support of society in the fight against drugs and creating synergies for social rehabilitation.

KETHEA also runs an annual campaign to mark World Drug Day (June 26th ); the campaign is funded by donations from stakeholders, the Media, professionals, companies, institutions and individuals.

For more information, please contact KETHEA’s Public Information Department: +30 210 9241993-3, info@kethea.gr

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Βρες ένα ΚΕΘΕΑ κοντά σου