KETHEA’s dynamism stems from its staff and volunteers, most of whom are engaged in the front line providing services to substance abusers and their families.

Most staff members have a background in the social sciences, psychology and mental health, and 20% are graduates of treatment programs. All personnel undergo a period of systematic theoretical and experiential induction prior to undertaking their duties.

In the difficult and demanding area of addiction treatment, KETHEA does all it can to ensure the best possible working conditions for its employees, and applies a system of incentives relating especially to health, vocational education and fatherhood/motherhood. Specific statutory bodies and procedures are designed to safeguard and promote ethical behaviour within the organisation and to protect employee rights.

The work of the organisation is supported by a broad network of volunteers: KETHEA’s elected volunteer Board, the 11 therapeutic program Family Associations, and the many volunteers active around Greece.