People who complete the main treatment phase of KETHEA’s therapeutic programs move on to Re-entry Centres, where they receive counselling and psychological support aimed at facilitating their gradual and smooth reintegration into society. At this stage, the aim is to organize the former addict’s personal and social life on a new footing featuring economic independence, healthy, supportive relationships and creative goals.

The Re-entry Centres provide:

• Hosting for the initial transition period;
• Individual and group counselling on a regular outpatient basis;
• Education and training in collaboration with specialized agencies;
• Vocational guidance and counselling to support integration into the labour market;
• Up-to-date information on political, social and employment rights and obligations;
• Legal support;
• Health care
• Relapse prevention training;
• Couples and families counselling.

The social reintegration process lasts about one year and is followed by a post-treatment support phase whose completion is followed by graduation from KETHEA.

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