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KETHEA’s twenty-one (21) recovery units (Therapeutic Communities and other types of recovery units) are the primary and most intensive phase of the therapeutic programs to which the drug user is referred after his initial preparation at the Counselling Centres. KETHEA’s psychosocial approach does not include the use of substitutes or other substances. The Therapeutic Communities provide a structured, safe and supportive environment in which members interact and participate actively and on an equal basis.

The recovery units seek to:

• Encourage physical detoxification and complete abstinence from drug use;
• Provide mental rehabilitation;
• Encourage the abandonment of delinquent behaviour;
• Encourage the acquisition of new skills and coping strategies;
• Provide vocational guidance, education and training;
• Provide support with pending legal problems;
• Improve family relationships.
There are both residential and non-residential Therapeutic Communities covering numerous geographical areas and target groups, including adolescents and young adults, adults, parents, immigrants, and people addicted to alcohol, gambling and the Internet.

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