Drug addicts in prison make their first contact with KETHEA services through Counselling Support Centres which seek to:
•    assess the inmates’ problems.
•    motivate them to address their health issues.
•    reduce their involvement in substance use.
•    inform, motivate and prepare them to enter a therapeutic community within or outside prison.
•    offer counselling to families through KETHEA units operating in society.

On completion of the Counselling Programme, inmates are referred to the main treatment phase conducted in a therapeutic community in prison or outside it. The Therapeutic Communities aim to help drug users:
•    refrain from drug use and delinquent behaviour;
•    reflect on the causes and problems which led them to addiction;
•    achieve behavioural change;
•    develop new skills;
•    reconnect with education and their family;
•    be referred to social re-integration.

Reception and Re-Entry Centres provide services to former inmates who have completed a counselling programmes or a therapeutic community in prison. Thus, depending on individual needs, KETHEA provides services aimed at preparing and motivating drug users for treatment, providing drug treatment, encouraging social reintegration, and providing after-care.

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