People seeking help and treatment first make contact with KETHEA through its Counselling Centres. These are safe, substance-free spaces which provide information, counselling and health care, and prepare those who wish to to join a Therapeutic Community. The services provided by the Counselling Centres include:

• Assessment the drug user’s situation and the severity of their problem in physical, psychological, familial and social terms
• Treatment planning
• Harm reduction
• Healthcare
• Providing information on issues relating to physical and mental detoxification
• Individual and group counselling
• Educational and recreational activities
• Meals and care of personal hygiene
• Motivation for treatment
• Counselling for family members
• Collecting, recording and processing socio-demographic and other personal data within the constraints posed by the relevant privacy legislation.

KETHEA targets drug users who do not use the Counselling Centres through low threshold and street work programs. These programs provide a safe drug-free space in which users can spend time, obtain counselling, attend to primary health (and mental health) problems, cover their basic needs in terms of food, clothing and personal hygiene, and get information in order to reduce the negative consequences of substance abuse.

The law threshold programs also perform street-work. These programs motivate addicts through information and counselling to help them minimise the dangers and deal with the problems associated with drug use. KETHEA EXELIXIS runs these street-work programmes in different parts of Athens, organising regular interventions at different times of the day and night. None of KETHEA’s harm-reduction interventions, including street-work, employ drug substitutes or distribute syringes. Rather, they motivate addicts through the provision of information and counselling, helping them to minimise the dangers associated with drug use and to face up to the related problems.

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