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Family support
The Family Support Centres provide information, counselling and therapeutic support to family members and other people in the drug user’s immediate environment. Family involvement increases the effectiveness of therapy and is an integral part of ΚΕΤΗΕΑ programs. In Greece especially, where 7 out of 10 drug users live with their family, close relatives can play a significant role in encouraging drug users to begin and complete treatment. Family members often contact the therapeutic programme before the drug user, and are an important source of treatment referrals.

The Family Support Centres:
•    Provide Knowledge and skills to better understand addiction;
•    Provide psychological support;
•    Motivate family members to actively participate in KETHEA’s therapeutic procedures;
•    Help families create an environment supportive of abstinence in which relapses are less likely;
•    Improve family communication and functionality;
•    Encourage personal development  of family members through self-help groups and creative activities.

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