Substance abuse is associated with failing at and dropping out of school. KETHEA therefore provides its members with counselling and vocational training at every stage of treatment, as well as the opportunity to participate in organized educational activities that correspond to their needs and interests. With this goal in mind, KETHEA runs:

Educational/creative teams
in each therapeutic programme (sports, art, music, literature, social and environmental issues, etc.)

Four (4) Transitional Schools in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa and Herakleion (Crete) which permit participants to complete their secondary education and prepare for admission to higher education during their participation in therapeutic programs.

Four (4) Production Units / Workshops in Thessaloniki offering vocational training through apprenticeships in the graphic arts, ceramics, woodworking and agriculture. The apprenticeships last five months, and trainees are both paid and insured over this period.

Two (2) Specialized Social and Vocational Integration Centres
which offer their services in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa and Herakleion (Crete). The Centres provide pre-vocational programmes, vocational training and related services to members and graduates of therapeutic programmes.

Five (5) Vocational Training Centres in Thessaloniki and Larisa. The Centres offer state-recognized training in carpentry, ceramics, cooking and multimedia applications.