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KETHEA ITHAKI Residential therapeutic programme for adults Set up in 1983, ITHAKI was the first therapeutic community for drug addicts in Greece. Its success paved the way for the treatment and social reintegration of Greek addicts. ITHAKI is a residential programme intended for adult users of psychoactive substances and their families.

KETHEA ITHAKI’s Counselling Centre, Re-Entry Centre and Family Support Centre are located in Thessaloniki, while its Therapeutic Community (capacity: 70) is located in Sindos on the outskirts of the city. KETHEA ITHAKI also offers counselling support to drug addicts and their families in the cities of Giannitsa and Kilkis. 

The Outpatient Programme for Αdults ιs aimed at people who want to address the problem of dependence without having to leave their work or from move away from their family or social environment. The programme offers individual and group counseling and treatment, personal development groups, legal support, relapse prevention groups, social skills learning, various seminars, vocational counseling, educational and recreational activities

In 2001 KETHEA ITHAKI a special outpatient programme for addicted parent of small children and to pregnant women. By providing child care services, it gives mothers and fathers the opportunity to start long-term treatment.  While the parents work or attend the therapeutic programme, their children spend the day in the nursery school where organised games, puppet shows, theatre, music and arts are some of the activities provided. One of the main objectives of the therapeutic programme is to strengthen the relationship between parents and their children, and to support parents in their role. 

KETHEA ITHAKI runs an Alternative Transitional School where programme members can conclude their secondary education and obtain equivalent qualifications. It also runs a Specialised Centre for Social and Vocational Integration which is intended for members and graduates of therapeutic programmes. Vocational training is also provided at the four ITHAKI production units in Sindos: a farm with over 10 hectares of cultivated land, a ceramics workshop, a carpenter’s workshop and the SCHEMA & CHROMA printing unit. The production units allow ITHAKI members to actively benefit from their time in the Therapeutic Community by learning and developing professional skills and gaining valuable experience. The units also contribute to the running of the therapeutic programmes through the sale of part of their produce and products. 

KETHEA ITHAKI has recently begun to offer courses in carpentry and catering to the members of its therapeutic community in cooperation with the Sindos General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning (OEEK), which provides state-certified vocational training to its members.

For more information, please contact the secretariat of the programme on (+30) 2310797662.

KETHEA ITHAKI | Carpentry workshop Sindos
574 00 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 798139, 2310 798694
fax. 2310 723309

KETHEA ITHAKI | Ceramics workshop Sindos
574 00 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 98139, 2310 798694
fax. 2310 723309

KETHEA ITHAKI | Counselling center Evripidou 16
546 34 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 212030, 2310 212031
fax. 2310 215999

KETHEA ITHAKI | Counselling center Thessalonikis 5
611 00 Kilkis
tel. 23410 25727

KETHEA ITHAKI | Counselling center Cultural Center of Giannitsa,
K. Asmanidi 2
581 00 Giannitsa
tel. 2310 212030, φαξ 2310 215999

KETHEA ITHAKI | Family support unit Rebelou 7
546 31 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 544976
fax. 2310 523900

574 00 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 798139, 2310 798694
fax. 2310 723309

KETHEA ITHAKI | Outpatient Programme for Adults Rempeloυ 7
546 31 Τhessaloniki
tel. 2310 221945
fax 2310 221946

KETHEA ITHAKI | Re - entry center Rebelou 7
546 31 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 221945
fax. 2310 221946

KETHEA ITHAKI | Special Programme for Addicted Parents Rempelou 7
546 31 Thessaloniki
tel.2310 221945
fax.2310 221946

KETHEA ITHAKI | Therapeutic community (residential) Sindos
574 00 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 798139, 2310 798694
fax. 2310 723309

KETHEA ITHAKI | Transitional school Rebelou 7
546 31 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 221382
fax. 2310 221385

KETHEA ITHAKI | Vocational training Sindos
574 00 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 723110
fax. 2310 723021

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