KETHEA EXODOS Residential therapeutic programme for adults

The KETHEA EXODOS therapeutic programme in Larisa has been up and running since 1989 providing treatment motivation services, education/training, social reintegration, family support and counselling services. Its Counselling Centre in downtown Larisa prepares individuals to enter the EXODOS residential Therapeutic Community (capacity: 60), which is located on the outskirts of the city. A Re-Entry Centre and a Family Support Centre are also in operation in Larisa.

In response to its members’ educational needs, KETHEA EXODOS opened a pilot Alternative School for Adults in 2000.The school is intended for members of KETHEA therapeutic programmes in Central Greece, and is housed in a renovated premises on the Therapeutic Community site. The school offers its students the opportunity to re-enter the educational system and improve their level of education.

The members of the KETHEA EXODOS therapeutic community also have the opportunity to participate in its "Multimedia Applications Engineer " vocational training course. The course was launched in October 2009 in collaboration with the Larisa General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning (OEEK) and the Hellenic Ministry of Education.

KETHEA EXODOS is particularly active in disseminating information and organising educational seminars on drug abuse. The therapeutic programme also organises and takes part in numerous cultural and social events, and is active throughout Central Greece—a KETHEA EXODOS Counselling Centre annex has been running in Trikala since 2006.

For more information, please contact the secretariat of the programme on (+30) 2410251839.

KETHEA EXODOS | Alternative school for adults 2nd km Larissas-Giannoulis
415 00 Larissa
tel. 2410 251852
fax. 2410 251148

KETHEA EXODOS | Counselling center Ag. Nikolaou 10
421 00 Trikala
tel. 24310 29921
fax. 24310 29921

KETHEA EXODOS | Counselling center Kyprou 103
412 22 Larissa
tel. 2410 254863, 2410 254597
fax. 2410 254597

KETHEA EXODOS | Counselling program in Kassaveteia prison Kyprou 103
412 22 Larissa
tel. 2410 254597

KETHEA EXODOS | Counselling programma in Larissa prison Kyprou 103
412 22 Larissa
tel. 2410 254597, 2410 254863

KETHEA EXODOS | Counselling unit in Trikala prison Kyprou 103
412 22 Larissa
tel. 2410 254597

KETHEA EXODOS | Family support center Pineiou 10, 1st floor
412 22 Larissa
tel. 2410 237811, 2410 555473
fax 2410 237811

KETHEA EXODOS | Re - entry center Kyprou 103
412 22 Larissa
tel. 2410 555050
fax. 2410 555053

KETHEA EXODOS | Therapeutic community (residential) 2nd km Larissas-Kozanis
415 00 Larissa
tel. 2410 259500, 2410 532861
fax. 2410 259547