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KETHEA EXELIXIS Lοw threshold programme

This programme has been operating in Athens since 1995, and provides services to drug users who do not wish to join a therapeutic programme, or who do not have access to social services. With this goal in mind, a multifaceted network of services has been established through which groups of addicts with special needs (the homeless, prostitutes, ethnic minorities etc.) can be approached.


• Special Center for Direct Access for drug users who can not join a therapeutic and social reintegration programme. It provides medical and mental diagnostic services, conducts street-work interventions, and operates a day use center for drug users to spend time, cook, take a bath, etc. 
• A street-work programme. Frequent morning, evening and midnight interventions are made into parts of downtown Athens where drug users congregate with a view to offering them support and limiting their exposure to the everyday dangers and problems linked with drug abuse. House calls are also made to provide support to drug users’ families. The programme has been conducting individual and family sessions for substance abusers in the Ilion area since 2008 in collaboration with the municipality’s Social Services department.
• The Off Club, which operates on week days and provides drug users with safe, substance-free surroundings in where they can spend time, cook, and attend to their personal hygiene.
• A Mobilisation/Support Centre which provides information and prepares drug users to join a therapeutic community.
• A Diagnostic Centre. The Centre is equipped with full physical and mental diagnostic facilities and provides first aid, dental care and a referral service for medical examinations. It also stages information seminars on health-related issues including how to protect against HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, and safer substance use.

For more information, please contact the secretariat of the programme on (+30) 210 5200800.

KETHEA EXELIXIS | Health Care Unit Em. Benaki 84
106 81 Athens
tel. 210 3301159
fax. 210 3304104

KETHEA EXELIXIS | Mental Health Care Unit Emmanouel Benaki 84, 106 81 Athens
tel. 210 3301157-9
fax 210 3806892

KETHEA EXELIXIS | Off club Direct intervention unit Em. Benaki 84
106 81 Athens
tel. 210 3301157-9
fax. 210 3806892

KETHEA EXELIXIS | Special Center for Direct Access Koumoundourou 28
104 36 Athens
tel. 0030 210 5200800

KETHEA EXELIXIS | Street-Work mobile unit Koumoundourou 28
106 81 Athens
tel. 210 5200800, 210 5200810
fax 210 3821051

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