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KETHEA HELPLINE 1114 Helpline for gambling The helpline aims to inform and provide assistance related to the people that have problem with gambling, as well as to their family members and friends. It was established in 2011, with the cooperation among the OPAP Group and KETHEA ALPHA, based on the acknowledged need for a help line which could be contacted by people that may face gambling addiction problems.

The establishment and ongoing support of this help line is part of OPAP Group strategy on Responsible Game, which represents the company’s main and undisputable principle covering all of its activities. The Group has also undertaken and continues to plan and implement a series of actions in the context of Responsible Game, securing protection and constantly raising awareness among the general public regarding issues related with problematic gambling behavior.

The aims of the helpline are:
  • to inform on the problematic practice of gambling, the player himself as well as his family and friends,
  • to provide informaion on the public therapeutic programs related to gambling and other ways of dealing with it,
  • to offer counselling through trained professionals,
  • to give ways for better dealing with problematic behavior and emotions that gambling generates.

The helpline operates 7 day a week (9.00 - 22.00) wth respect to anonymity and confidentiality. Counselling is also offered through email:

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