KETHEA MYTILENE The Counselling and Rehabilitation Centre at the KETHEA in Mytilene was set up in November 2008 to meet the needs of drug users and their families. The Unit is housed in a building provided by the Prefecture of Lesvos. Drug users are provided with information services, along with counselling and encouragement to begin treatment. Those users who wish to can subsequently join one of the residential Therapy Communities run by KETHEA around the country. The Centre also addresses the needs of the families and personal networks of drug addicts, whether the drug addicts are enrolled in a therapeutic programme or not, providing them with information and psychological support.

In the near future, the Unit will also be in a position to provide social support to members who have completed a KETHEA Therapeutic Community and want to settle in Mytilene or adjacent areas. There are plans to create a hostel for this purpose. The completion of the network of KETHEA services on the island will also allow a Therapeutic Community to be run in the city within the next three years.