KETHEA ANADYSI Non residential therapeutic programme for young adults

The KETHEA ANADYSI programme was launched in 2001 in Thessaloniki to respond to the needs of occasional or systematic young adult drug users (13 - 21 years old) and their families in northern Greece.

The programme’s therapeutic and counselling services are offered on a non-residential basis. The participation of the whole family in the programme is of major importance. The young adult participants benefit from a daily programme which features educational and creative activities and seeks to reintegrate them into the educational system, the community and the labour market.

KETHEA ANADYSI provides information on drug abuse and its prevention to parents’ associations, teaching staff, pupils, cultural entities and youth clubs. The programme collaborates closely with the Greek Manpower Organisation (OAED), providing information
on prevention and running a Counselling Centre for the Organization’s teachers and pupils. KETHEA ANADYSI also works with the Thessaloniki Juvenile Courts.

The programme also aims to raise community awareness and to build partnerships with agencies and services (including schools, sports clubs and cultural, medical and social services) to actively combat the problem of addiction.

For more information, please contact the secretariat of the programme on (+30) 2310253 534.

KETHEA ANADYSI | Therapeutic community Rebelou 7
546 31 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 253534, 2310 253537-8
fax. 2310 260847