KETHEA PLEFSI Early intervention programme for adolescents KETHEA PLEFSI and has been operating in Athens since 1996, and is KETHEA’s first early intervention network. It is intended both for young people under 21 who are making experimental, occasional or more systematic use of psychotropic substances, and for their families.

Working in collaboration with the young people’s families, KETHEA PLEFSI seeks to create a family environment that will stop the abuse developing further, dissuade adolescents from experimenting with psychotropic substances, and stop them getting more deeply involved in narcotics. Services are also available for young people who develop problematic Internet use, and for their families.

The programme offers short- and long-term individual counselling, family therapy, group therapy, vocational orientation and other activities based on a given family’s specific needs. 

Services are mainly provided in the afternoons and evenings so they do not interfere with the daily activities—school or work—of the young users and their parents. 

Special emphasis is placed on providing parents, professionals and the public at large with appropriate information on issues relating to adolescent use of psychotropic substances and problematic Internet use by means of leaflets, seminars and complete educational courses.

For more information, please contact the secretariat of the programme on (+30) 2108218883. 

KETHEA PLEFSI is part of the KETHEA Prevention and Early Intervention Services network.

KETHEA PLEFSI | Εarly Intervention Unit for Adolescents and Their Families

KETHEA PLEFSI | Εarly Intervention Unit for Drug Using Young Adunts and Their Families Mesogeion 254, 1st floor
tel. 210 6525220
fax 210 6546705

KETHEA PLEFSI | Εarly Intervention Unit for Ιnternet Addiction Tsamadou 7,
fax 2109212763